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Over 20 million users per month go to the Internet Explorer Gallery to personalize their browsing experience or learn about exciting new ways to interact with their favorite sites. We built a previously unprecedented model for Microsoft to enable localized content submission to the site for 40 countries around the world.

As creative stewards of the site since the release of Internet Explorer 8, we ensure it evolves visually and technically as the browser does.

  • CLIENT Microsoft
  • SKILLS UX Design, Development, Cloud Integration, Globalization
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Short, sweet, to the point.

We deliver news with a kick. Or at least that is what we did with Newser's new Windows 8 application. We helped Newser create a breakthrough experience that delivers their content to an entirely new audience in an entirely new way. Touch optimization, effortlessly intuitive UI, and multiple features that push the boundaries of this new platform are all just part of the story. Go ahead, read all about it.

Check out some other projects we've done for Windows 8

  • CLIENT Newser
  • SKILLS UI Design, UX Design

We heard you loud and clear

We are huge music fans. So when cutting edge Seattle radio station KEXP came to Tag Creative and asked if we could build an Android counterpart to their iPhone app, we didn’t say yes. We said hell yes.

While we appreciated their iPhone app, we knew based on listener feedback and our own experience there was room for improvement. So we presented an entirely updated UI for Android to showcase artist content and expose streaming features that put the user in control. We could tell you that the client was pleased and the fans were ecstatic. But we’ll let their app store comments do the talking:

"Great app... I have been waiting for it for quite a while Love that I can "favorite" a song on the fly and go back to look it up and buy it later." - Scott, Sept 22, 2011

"Listen live, see what shows are coming up, and figure out what song it was you just heard. This app is pretty sweet." BF, Jan, 22, 2012

The response was so positive, KEXP asked us to update and re-launch their iPhone app too.

  • SKILLS UX Design, Mobile Development, Branding
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Brewing Brand Awareness.

Starbucks is near and dear to our coffee loving hearts at Tag Creative, so when they came to us with the challenge of increasing traffic to their online store, we jumped aboard (carefully though, so as to not spill our cappuccinos).

We started by invigorating their email outreach with simple image-rich content specifically designed for the medium. We then helped craft hero messaging and imagery on the Starbucks online store to compliment the Starbucks brand. Response was so positive, we were asked to infuse in-store Holiday campaign messaging with the tone we’d set for the online store.

  • CLIENT Starbucks
  • SKILLS Advertising Creative, Branding, Web Development


Responsive Web Design, Development, Social Media

How Boldly Your
Garden Grows.

When Chihuly Garden and Glass chose Tag Creative to create a captivating Web experience, we knew we had to build something as eye-popping as the artwork inside the museum. The website needed to immerse visitors into Dale Chihuly's art, pique interest, and sell tickets.

We set out to design and develop an adaptive web presence that not only brought the exhibition to life, but also had a clear path to facilitate ticket sales. We utilized expansive photography with a collapsible content panel to ensure the artwork remained front and center throughout the site experience. The site not only works seamlessly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, but was customized for the Drupal CMS platform for ease of content management.

The result is an immersive experience that lives up to the high standard of Chihuly's work. It gives the viewer a taste of what they'd see within the exhibition, presented in a fluid design that reflects Dale Chihuly's innovative vision.

  • CLIENT Center Art
  • SKILLS Responsive Web Design, Development, Social Media
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Complex collaboration
made simple.

Moprise approached Tag Creative with the opportunity to brand and design an iPad app that would help business teams collaborate more efficiently.

We partnered with Moprise to understand how their technology would impact their target audience. We then applied our brand expertise to develop the name, logo and build out the overall style and presence for the Coaxion brand.

The core challenge in designing the app user experience was achieving simplicity. We took an extensive feature set and delivered a visually engaging yet simple to use experience that seamlessly integrates document sharing and group messaging. Our work helped Moprise earn VC investment, a featured article in TechCrunch, and consideration for an Apple Design Award.

  • CLIENT Moprise
  • SKILLS Full Branding, UX Design, Product Messaging
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The Mill Creek Country Club is a gorgeous facility surrounded by a tree-lined golf course. They had a website that was designed to serve existing members, and it did that reasonably well, but Mill Creek was looking for something more. They wanted to attract new club members and needed to get the word out about having private events at their picturesque venue.

So they asked Tag Creative to take a swing at their new website.

By the time our scorecard was complete, we had helped redefine their online marketing strategy from tee to green. We took a blank slate approach to their website and delivered a complete redesign, one that better captured the lush environment of the golf course and clubhouse. We also restructured their email outreach campaign to provide a more enticing and compelling overall experience to prospective guests.

  • CLIENT The Mill Creek Country Club
  • SKILLS Web & Mobile Design, Development, Maintenance
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Sending your phone or tablet out for repair can be frustrating. Just not knowing where it is along the process can make the whole thing seem longer than it is. Taking a cue from the shipping industry, HTC initiated a tracking system for all repairs and called on us to ensure a painless online customer experience.

We designed and built a microsite that layers HTCs friendly, hand-illustrated brand style over the framework of their existing tracking system. Because customers just want to know when they are getting their device back, the site shuns bells and whistles in favor of delivering simple, accurate information quickly.

The result is an easy-to-use tracking system that provides clear direction for a straightforward customer experience. The microsite provides stress-free service and repair tracking for all HTC customer repairs in North America.

  • SKILLS Branding, UX Design, Development

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